Tips For Writing An Essay Example - A Description Of Your Community

One of the things that college admissions officers are looking for is how well can you describe a community you belong to in your essay. There is nothing worse than an admissions officer walking away from your application thinking that you don't really belong to that community. This could be the difference between you getting in and not getting in. In this article I am going to give you a sample description of a community.

"The Graduate University is located in Portland, Oregon. The community is known for its diversity with over 35% of its population consisting of members who are members of another minority. There is an abundance of arts, crafts and academic programs for everyone with any level of interest. A student who is interested in theses programs may opt to join a co-ed community or a campus club for their specific interest."

Here is an example of what you should write when you want to describe a community you belong to. "The Graduate University is a prestigious institution for graduate students. Famous former students include Edward Said, Alice Roosevelt Parks and George Stone. You will find a vibrant community filled with creative and influential people who enjoy one another's company." See how much more opinion you have added to the sentence above?

Next, see if you can expand on this. " Graduate students are able to take advantage of many programs offered through the school. Some of these include having financial aid, having access to research grants and having access to other students who share similar majors as you do." Keep the community you are describing in mind as well. "A student who wants to become involved with this particular community should look into joining some student organizations."

Next, write about something that is unique about the community. "The Graduate University is known for it's involvement with the Peace Corps. Students can find a variety of different ways in which they can get involved with this organization." This is a great way to describe a community you belong to. The more information you provide, the better.

Another excellent example of writing for your essay is to write about something you did as a volunteer. "I was involved with Habitat for Humanity and served in their Palm Springs field. I provided assistance with constructing houses for the poor people and I built a classroom in their facility where students could learn reading and craft skills from Habitat instructors." Make sure you provide details. "For me, being a volunteer meant my time was spent in wonderful and memorable places."

Finally, describe the results of your writing. "After my time with Habitat for Humanity, I was very inspired to start volunteering my time in local schools in my community. I became a school fundraiser organizer and director of operations for a number of schools in our town." Give specific examples where you have changed your life because of your work. These are great stories that will give students a glimpse into what it is to be active in a community.

Don't worry if you are not very good at writing. All you need is a computer and the right research tools. The more research you do, the more the writing will come out right. A poorly written essay is only an opinion. A well written opinion is a facts based opinion.

When you write a description of your community, be sure to include all the key aspects of the community. These aspects include the history, people living in the community, the culture and any other unique aspect that makes your community unique. Don't just limit your description to the location though. You should also include information about the people living in the community as well.

For example, "The African-American and Hispanic students are separated by only a river". How would try this website affect the overall health of the community? What would happen if it floods? Include all the answers so the reader can decide for themselves whether or not you believe that it is an important question to ask. It is always best when you can include all the information you need to so that you can decide whether or not your description is true.

This type of essay can be quite lengthy, so make sure you plan ahead. Don't write a huge essay just to describe your community. There are many different types of essay available for you to use in your assignment. Just find one that will describe a community in your area and start writing. It may take several drafts to get it right, but it is well worth the effort. The beauty of writing an essay is that once you are finished, you have no plans of stopping.

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